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Россию представляет наш проект «Red Jacket – красивый чай снаружи и внутри». Благодарим редакцию Novum за интерес к российскому брендингу и публикуем оригинал статьи на английском языке.

For a Russian tea supplier active for many years only in the B2B segment, the creatives of Plenum, established in Moscow in 2006, designed a powerful new brand identity to propel the tea company headlong into the consumer market.

The task was as clear as it was complex: to create a new brand for the highly competitive tea market in Russian that would work as a strong visual identifier for a very broad range. “Our analysts initially conducted a series of interviews with the company’s managers, researched the competition and the retail sales environment and in this way narrowed down the potential and positioning opportunities for the new brand, “the Plenum agency creatives told us. This twenty-strong team can boast clients as famous as the Russian Post, VTB24, My Documents, Tele2 and Onlime in its portfolio. These preliminary reflections finally gave rise to the core of the Red Jacket brand — the name was created from scratch as was the claim: “Well flavored tea. Outside and inside”, combining appeal and enjoyment. “Finally we created a story centred around the new brand name Red Jacket. The fastest sailing ship to cross the Atlantic, Red Jacket always carried its cargo of gold, tea and passengers to their destination on time”. This image was communicated across the entire corporate identity. The simple logo, for example, was designed to be reminiscent of the lettering used on old ships; a stylized mooring post serves as an additional symbol. The aromatic contents moreover were housed in a carton consisting of two parts also evoking the wide ocean. “The top of the box took on the shape of a ship’s prow while the inner part was given a contrasting colour representing a ship’s hull below the water line. Every variety has its own colour and its own hard-drawn pattern”. Not only gas this produced attractive packaging, it also conjures up a highly evocative world of tea. Also, its unique story fulfils a further goal: “In our researchers we found that tea lovers frequently share their passion and experience on social media. So it was very important to give them a story that would be good to share”. Plenum teaches us that legends only come alive through the telling…


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